Monopoly Deal Two Player Strategies

Comprehensive list of Winning Monopoly Deal Two Player Strategies

By Two Game Enthusiasts

This Monopoly Deal Strategy section has a couple of strategies related to just two person games. These strategies do not break any of the official Monopoly Deal Rules and have been used by us and other monopoly deal players to successfully win.

Strategy:Offense is Monopoly Deal King

When there are only two players in the game the best strategy is to always be on the offensive and for the first couple rounds keep your opponent from building up a Bank or property by using every Rent and Sly Deal action card you obtain right away. Even if this means taking property you don’t want or need. This keeps the opponent off balance and may force them into holding onto high value cards for longer than they expected.

Strategy:Playing a Just Say No Card Early can Save You Later

If its early in the game and your opponent is threatening to wipe out your small Bank with a high Rent card or Debt Collector it’s good strategy to play the Just Say No action card if you have it. Two person games can be very fast and holding onto the Just Say No vs. holding onto your Bank could mean not being able to get your cards on the table.

Strategy:Multi-Color Rent has Multi-Values

The multi-color wild Rent card is more valuable in two person game. In a three or more person game the multi-color wild Rent card can only be used against one opponent so it doesn’t do as much damage as it does in a two person game.