Monopoly Deal Mental Game Strategies

Comprehensive list of Winning Monopoly Deal Mind Game Strategies

By Two Game Enthusiasts

This Monopoly Deal Strategy section has a couple strategies related to tricking your opponents mentally in order to help protect your money and properties. These strategies do not break any of the official Monopoly Deal Rules and have been used by us and other monopoly deal players to successfully win.

Strategy:Maybe this is a Just Say No or Maybe it Isn’t…

Make your opponents think you have cards like the Just Say No or Deal Breaker even if you actually have them.

Strategy Examples:One way to make your opponents think this would be to keep one card (start the first time you actually have a Just Say No action card) separate from the rest of the cards in your hand face down on the table. Then use it when you need to. The next time you place a single card (or multiple cards) face down on the table separate from your hand your opponents will think they are important cards and may hesitate to use the Deal Breaker on you. Only works if you do sometimes have a Just Say No and play it like this. Another way is to hesitate paying Rent or giving over property to an opponent by pretending to decide if you should use a card from your hand. While it doesn’t get you out of that scenario it does create a fraction of doubt in your opponents mind for next time they go to play a Deal Breaker action card against you.

Strategy:Trick Your Opponent(s) Into Playing Their Just Say No Card

Fool your opponents into using their Just Say No action card so that you can open them up for the real attack. Most players have several valuable cards on the table at any point during the game so if there is an opponent you think may have a Just Say No action card or you are unsure if they have a Just Say No action card try to trick them into using it.

Strategy Examples:If you have a Deal Breaker try and pair it with a Sly Deal so that on your turn you start by playing the Sly Deal action card by trying to take the most important non-full set card from your opponent, maybe a card from an almost complete set. There is a high chance they would try to stop you by using their Just Say No. If they do, great, now you play the Deal Breaker to take their full set.