Monopoly Deal Money Strategies

Comprehensive list of Winning Monopoly Deal Bank Strategies

By Two Game Enthusiasts

This Monopoly Deal Strategy section has a list of strategies pertaining to collecting the most money possible, building the biggest and best bank, and keeping your money for as long as possible. These strategies do not break any of the official Monopoly Deal Rules and have been used by us and other monopoly deal players to successfully win.

Strategy:Relocating Your Monopoly

It’s important to remember that you can re-arrange your monopoly cards on the table during your turn without sacrificing one of your three moves. This simple fact can help you maximize your income when charging other players.Check out the Monopoly Deal Rules and FAQ website to learn about what can be done during a players turn.

Strategy Examples: A) If you’re charging Rent for a full set be sure to move House and Hotel action cards over to the set for which your asking Rent, if you have House and Hotel action cards on other full sets. B) Combine like properties before charging Rent for that property set. It’s easy to forget a dual color wild property card when the side you’re charging Rent for isn’t showing. C) Move multi-color wild property cards over to the property for which the Rent will be charged. D) When charging Rent for a color on one of your dual color wild property cards be sure to pick the color that charges the most.

Check out the Monopoly Deal Rules section for answers to frequently asked questions about rules and game play.

Strategy:Three Punch Bank Buster

Always keep the three punch rule in mind for building Bank. Sometimes holding money collection cards in your hand until you can accumulate three to play all in one round can be more effective than playing them individually.

Strategy Examples:charging a player $15M (i.e. three Debt Collector cards) in one swing may be much more effective than $5M for three consecutive rounds. When it comes to playing in group settings playing three It's My Birthday cards in a row can give your Bank a financial boom but also chip away all opponents’ Banks quickly making them more vulnerable next round.

Strategy:No Change for Rent Bills

Remember the more bills and bigger bills payment strategy when charging a single player Rent. Always go for the opponent with the bill showing that’s a larger denomination than what you’re charging. If all the opponents only have equal amounts or smaller than what you’re charging showing then go with opponent with the smaller bill (when they appear to have more than one bill). The concept is to try and get either more than your charging Rent for or at least more than one bill in payment. Check out the Monopoly Deal Rules and FAQ website to learn about what can and can't be used to pay rent.

Strategy Examples:On your turn you’re going to charge one player 3M in Rent. One opponent has a 3M showing and one has a 1M showing. Charging the 3M player means you’re almost guaranteed to get only one bill, charging the player with the 1M showing means they might have a 3M or they might only have smaller bills but you have a chance of getting more than one bill.

Check out the Monopoly Deal Rules section for answers to frequently asked questions about rules and game play.

Strategy:Wait for All Bank Deposits before charging the Rent

Make sure to survey the table before charging group Rent (maximize your money). When you’re about to charge your opponents Rent make sure they all have money in the Bank and enough money to pay your Rent. It’s not a good idea to play a It's My Birthday action card if only two out of your three opponents have more than 1M in the Bank.