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Comprehensive list of all Monopoly Deal Strategies

By Two Game Enthusiasts

The following is the Table of Contents for the Monopoly Deal Strategy website and includes the various strategy sections and individual strategies under that section. Click on the strategy section head or specific strategy listed below to do to that strategy and see the details.

Monopoly Deal Strategy Home Page
  1. Strategy Section 1: Bank Related Strategies
    1. Relocating Your Monopoly
    2. Three Punch Bank Buster
    3. No Change for Rent Bills
    4. Wait for All Bank Deposits before charging the Rent
  2. Strategy Section 2: Card Type and Count Related Strategies
    1. Track the “Breakers” and the “No’s”:
    2. Know the Numbers – Just Say No, Deal Breaker, Browns, Blues, Utilities, oh my!
  3. Strategy Section 3: Table Card Layout Strategies
    1. It’s OK to Pay With Properties
    2. Build a Railroad Between Your Opponents and Your Valuables
    3. Not all Rent Costs Millions – Keep Some Change Around
    4. Hide the Most Valuable Wildcard Side
    5. Keeping Your Bank Neat can Give You an Advantages
    6. Never Keep a Dual Color Wildcard on Top
    7. Control Your Bank Face – Early Game
    8. Control Your Bank Face – Mid Game
    9. Control Your Bank Face – Late Game
  4. Strategy Section 4: Mental Game & Opponent Trick Strategies
    1. Maybe this is a Just Say No or Maybe it Isn’t…
    2. Trick Your Opponent(s) Into Playing Their Just Say No Card
  5. Strategy Section 5: Force Deal and Sly Deal card Related Strategies
    1. Sly Deal and Force Rent – Make Money and Property
    2. Being Smart about Being Sly – Take the Best Property
    3. Two Blue Properties Aren’t Always the Same – Maximize Your Sly Deal
  6. Strategy Section 6: Protection your Cards Related Strategies
    1. Play it Close to the Cuff – Wait to Complete Your Property Sets
    2. Learn From Voltron – Keep your Properties Separated Until the Winning Moment
    3. Build Your Bank
    4. Save the Best Properties for Last – Show your Worst First
    5. Go On Offense with your Just Say No Card
    6. Don’t Play Your Multi-Colored Property Wild Card too Soon – You Could Lose it!
  7. Strategy Section 7: Early Game Planning Strategies
    1. Acquire the Quick Two Card Sets
    2. Wait to Lay the Quick Two Card Set Cards
    3. The Railroad Business Can be Good Strategy
    4. Sometimes an Action Card is More Valuable in the Bank Then in Your Hand
    5. A Rent Card Could be Worth More as Cash then the Rent it Brings in
    6. Don’t Always Give into the Pass Go Lottery
    7. Seven not Five is the Lucky Number – Five New Cards + Pass Go
    8. Paying More Rent then is Asked for isn’t Always a Bad Thing
  8. Strategy Section 8: Multi-player Game Specific Strategies
    1. Don’t Charge In with a Deal Breaker
    2. Wait for the Just Say No to Go
    3. Debt Collect the Bank Poor & Property Rich
    4. Remember it’s a No Change Game when choosing who to Charge
  9. Strategy Section 9: Deal Breaker Related Strategies
    1. Helping Other Players Complete Their Full Sets is Good karma
    2. Sometimes a Deal Breaker may be More Valuable as Bank
    3. What to do When a Deal can’t be Found to Break
    4. Play a Deal Breaker When you Know it Can’t be Defended
    5. Double Deal Breakers – a Recipe for Safety
  10. Strategy Section 10: Two Player Game Related Strategies
    1. Offense is Monopoly Deal King
    2. Playing a Just Say No Card Early can Save You Later
    3. Multi-Color Rent has Multi-Values
  11. Monopoly Deal Photo Gallery