Monopoly Deal Group Play Strategies

Comprehensive list of Winning Monopoly Deal Strategies for Groups

By Two Game Enthusiasts

This Monopoly Deal Strategy section has a list of strategies related to deciding how, when, and who action cards should be played against to maximize property and money. These strategies do not break any of the official Monopoly Deal Rules and have been used by us and other monopoly deal players to successfully win.

Strategy:Don’t Charge In with a Deal Breaker

If an opponent has a full set you want, try to wait for another opponent to try and steal it first before using your Deal Breaker. There are two Deal Breaker action cards and three Just Say No action cards so it may be very likely the player you want to take the full set from will have a Just Say No, why not let another player force them to use it first.Check out the Monopoly Deal Rules and FAQ website to learn more about the total number of different cards (Deal Breaker, Just Say No, etc.) there are in a deck.

Check out the Monopoly Deal Rules section for answers to frequently asked questions about rules and game play.

Strategy:Wait for the Just Say No to Go

Try to play assuming your opponents have only one Just Say No action card, so if they have already played a Just Say No action card earlier in the round or game they should become the weakest player and you should go after them.

Strategy:Debt Collect the Bank Poor & Property Rich

When trying to determine who to play your Debt Collector or multi-color wild Rent action card against its good strategy to choose the player with properties and the smallest amount of money in their Bank. It could mean that player will have to pay you with property if they don’t have enough in the Bank.

Strategy:Remember it’s a No Change Game when choosing who to Charge

Along the same lines, when trying to determine who to charge the multi-color wild Rent action card all players look to have similar sized Banks, look for those players with denominations larger than what your charging.

Strategy Examples:It’s a “No Change” game so if you’re charging 3M and a player you’re charging only has a 5M then that’s what they will have to give you.