Winning Monopoly Deal Breaker Strategies

Comprehensive list of Winning Monopoly Deal DealBreaker Strategies

By Two Game Enthusiasts

This Monopoly Deal Strategy section has a list of strategies related to the Deal Breaker and how and when the Deal Breaker should be played. These strategies do not break any of the official Monopoly Deal Rules and have been used by us and other monopoly deal players to successfully win.

Strategy:Helping Other Players Complete Their Full Sets is Good karma

Since a Deal Breaker can only be used to steal full sets sometimes it’s good strategy to “help” your opponent complete a full set.

Strategy Examples:One way to “help” your opponent is to entice them into completing that set. For example, if your opponent has two dark green property cards on the table (none are dual color wild property cards) and you have one in your hand (as well as a Deal Breaker), laying it down may be enough to entice them to steal it to complete their own full green set, you can then use your Deal Breaker on your next turn to steal that full set.

A similar approach is to pay them into a complete set. For example lay the green property on the table, wait for your opponent to charge you (or the table) Rent and then pay them with the green property, essentially forcing them to complete the set even though they may not be ready to defend it.

Lastly force a complete set onto your opponent by using a Force Deal action card. For example, lay down your green property card, use a Force Deal to swap it with some other (non-green property) card of theirs. This gives them a full set of green which for your third turn you can use your Deal Breaker to steal. In one turn you gained both a full set and a extra bonus property card.

Strategy:Sometimes a Deal Breaker may be More Valuable as Bank

There are times when you might just be better off using the Deal Breaker as Bank vs. holding onto it in your hand. These times are very few and far between but they do exist.The scenario(s) where this strategy would be implemented are mostly times when the following exist: 1. A Deal Breaker is the only card, or one of only three cards, left in your hand. 2. All players are close to winning and you can’t win with the three cards in your hand. 3. You can get five new cards next round if you got rid of the three (or less) cards in your hand. The reason you may want to dump it into your Bank rather than just try to use it is because using it could mean helping one of your opponents win.

Strategy Examples:You’re in a three person game and none of the Just Say No cards have been played and none of the Deal Breaker cards have been played. You have one Deal Breaker and one to two other cards in your hand. Your opponents each have two full sets on the table, while you have no full sets but three almost complete sets. It’s your turn, unless you can win in three turns you would be better dumping the three cards onto the table, including the Deal Breaker into your Bank so that next round you will get five new cards and a very good chance of getting the three cards you need to win. If you use your Deal Breaker on another player you will either force one player to use their Just Say No action card which means the third player could steal that players full set and win, or you successfully win the full set and leave yourself open to the third player taking the full set from you while you sit around with no cards in your hand.

Strategy:What to do When a Deal can’t be Found to Break

Another time when you might just be better off using Deal Breaker as Bank vs. holding onto it in your hand would be in a game where none of your opponents are close to completing any full sets, you can’t force any full sets on them, not having the Deal Breaker would mean five new cards next round, and you’re only a few cards away from winning. Just remember to pick up your bank and insert the Deal Breaker(s) so that they can't be seen by your opponents - this way they will continue to play conservative

Strategy:Play a Deal Breaker When you Know it Can’t be Defended

Always try to use your “Deal Breakers” on opponents who have no cards in their hands. This should be an obvious strategy but it’s worth a reminder. If the opponent has no cards in their hands it means they don’t have a Just Say No action card and can’t negate your turn. It also means they could pick up the cards they need to complete two more sets next round so playing it defensively would prevent them from winning.

Strategy:Double Deal Breakers – a Recipe for Safety

If your hand includes two “Deal Breakers” never separate your full sets and always lay them down as soon as possible (assuming you have a Bank to defend against Rent). Always complete full sets as soon as possible so that opponents can’t steal valuable properties using Sly Deal and Force Deal cards. This same strategy applies if you have three Just Say No cards in your hand.Check out the Monopoly Deal Rules and FAQ website to learn more about how properties can be taken from opponents.

Check out the Monopoly Deal Rules section for answers to frequently asked questions about rules and game play.