Monopoly Deal Sly & Force Deal Strategies

Comprehensive list of Winning Monopoly Deal Strategies for Sly & Force Deal

By Two Game Enthusiasts

This Monopoly Deal Strategy section has strategies related to utilizing the Sly Deal and Force Deal action cards to maximize the property and money you get. These strategies do not break any of the official Monopoly Deal Rules and have been used by us and other monopoly deal players to successfully win.

Strategy:Sly Deal and Force Rent – Make Money and Property

If you have a Force Deal or a Sly Deal and a Rent card for a property color you don’t currently have, look for that property color in the other player’s cards. Look for opportunities to pair the force or Sly Deal card with the Rent card you have but can’t use.

Strategy Examples:if have a green Rent card but no green property card and your opponent does, on your turn use a Sly Deal card to take their green property card and then in the same turn play your green Rent card. This way you get a new property plus Rent vs. just laying the Rent card in your Bank or holding onto it for too long.

Strategy:Being Smart about Being Sly – Take the Best Property

Unless you can take a card from an opponent that would make one of your sets full always try to use the Sly Deal or Force Deal cards to take any of the cards from the two card full sets (i.e. brown, dark blue, utility).

Strategy:Two Blue Properties Aren’t Always the Same – Maximize Your Sly Deal

When using a Sly Deal or Force Deal to take an opponent’s property and they have multiple of the color you want, always choose the wild card if they have one.Check out the Monopoly Deal Rules and FAQ website to learn more about the different variations of colored cards there are in the deck and how they can vary in value.

Check out the Monopoly Deal Rules section for answers to frequently asked questions about rules and game play.